Cloudflare Workers Tutorial

Do magical things with Cloudflare Workers to improve site speed, performance, and reliability. This is a 4 part Cloudflare Workers tutorial series from scratch to advance.

Part-1: What is Cloudflare Worker?

Introduction to Cloudflare Workers and what they are.

Part-2: Basic Setup

Basic setup of Cloudflare Workers, Prerequisites, and Worker for hello world

Part-3: Writing Basic Code

Managing redirects, redirect on match, fetching request headers, and responding emojis on a request at a specific path.

Part-4: Proxying, Caching and custom error pages

Passing proxied response to a request, Caching and serving custom error pages with Workers.


Here are some resources which can help you in case you want more details or dig deeper while going through the Cloudflare Workers tutorial.

Cloudflare Worker Documentation:

Runtime API documentation:

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