Manage SSH access with GitHub actions

I created a GitHub action to manage SSH access of different users on remote systems from GitHub with a simple CSV file.


I have multiple headless systems at my place. I use them for different environments and to test stuff. Managing SSH keys over multiple servers is pain. Repetitive work and boredom hit you when you have multiple users to manage over multiple systems.

Using this action, you can manage the SSH keys centrally as well.

Necessity is the mother of invention”. I would say, “Repetition” is the mother of automation.

My view. I would also add boredom here. But then the sentence will not sound that good.


For configurations and how-to, you can check the readme of the action at

I’m not repeating here the steps because they will be up-to date on GitHub.

Security issues

Well, I agree that it is a critical task. I got a few queries about the usage of this action.

This is one of the common one,

What if you update the code in a way and you get access to all the servers?

The answer is simple, fork the repository. It is also Open-Source under the MIT license.


The easiest way of contributing is to give a star to the repository! It will cheer me up to put more effort!

You can always contribute by creating issues, bug reports, or ask for a feature! Click here to start with.

There are some things in TODO which are remaining and some features that I think should be there.

I don’t want the action to be a complex one. That’s why I mainly used the Shell Script. It is easy and simple.

That’s most of the contribution guidelines I can think of as writing this post.

I like KISS, DRY, SOLID principles of software engineering.

Don’t know GitHub actions yet? Don’t worry, I have written a kickstart tutorial you can start with.

Don’t forget to put down your thoughts in the comments .

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